Chicken Breast Calories- How Many Calories in Chicken Breast?

Another interesting article from our ‘Calories in different food types’ series. This time it’s about Chicken Breast Calories. These articles will help you get an idea about the amount of calories you take from food everyday and if you are looking to lose weight efficiently, counting calories is one of the best ways.

With the mass production and the prices going down, Chicken is becoming very popular as a meat, and in fact is one of the most common meats available. Most of us eat chicken as a meat almost every day. As a result of popular fast food chains like KFC and McDonald’s opening new outlets in many countries, the daily chicken consumption is growing at a rate.

Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts
According to experts, there are about 200 calories in a steamed chicken breast of average size (3 oz). Chicken breast in a prepared chicken dish can have more or less calories depending on the method of cooking and ingredients used. Good examples would be, a grilled chicken breast (3 oz.) having 212 calories and a fried chicken breast having 310 calories approximately.

Calories in skinless chicken breast is much less because the skin contain comparatively high amounts of fat.

The above facts will help cut down the unnecessary calorie intake, specially if you are a person trying to lose weight.

I need your help to find out the following information,

  • boneless skinless chicken breast calories
  • raw chicken breast calories
  • baked chicken breast calories
  • stuffed chicken breast calories

If you have accurate information on any of the above, please do send them to us with your details and we will publish them here. Also, if you know any good chicken breast recipes, we would like to publish them here as well.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Breast Calories- How Many Calories in Chicken Breast?

  1. Chris @ Twister 4 Man Tent user reviews

    Hi really enjoyed reading your article and was wondering How many calories in a chicken lettuce & mayo sandwich, on wholemeal bread?

  2. Mark


    About 500 calories depending on how you prepare your sandwich. The amount of chicken and mayo you put on the sandwich will change the above value. With every bit of extra chicken and mayo you put, you will be eating more calories.

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