Calories in Beer

A major portion of Calories in Beer comes from the alcohol in it.  With many brands selling different types of beer, amount of calories in a glass of beer can vary depending on the alcoholic content.

According to recent calculations, the information presented below will give you a general guideline about the calories in various types of beer. We have included the percentage of alcohol in each type within brackets. Calculations are done for ‘a glass of beer’ with approx. 200 ml of beer in it.

1. Full Strenght (4.9%) – 75 Calories

2. Mid Strength (3.3%) – 55 Calories

3. Light Beer (2.2%) – 45 Calories

4. Low Alcohol (0.9%) – 24 Calories

A good way to find out the alcohol content is to read the manufacturers labels.

Calories in Beer facts!

Did you know?

The Calories in beer, like in any other alcoholic beverage, will metabolized first by the body, before burning fat. So if you are concerned about ‘loosing weight‘, you might want to reduce drinking beer or switch to a lower alcohol content beer.

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