Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts

Chicken breast nutrition factsOne of the most widely used poultry meat, chicken is also the main food item sold in most fast food restaurants. Nearly 95% of the chicken can be used as edible components and, the ‘chicken breast‘ is a commonly eaten part used in many popular Chinese and Caribbean dishes.

Chicken breast nutrition facts

Skin of the chicken has high fat, but the meat itself is low in fat compared to most other poultry meat. It is best to avoid the chicken skin if you are looking for a low fat intake.

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Benefits of a Calorie Controlled Diet

Calorie Controlled DietCalorie is a measurement of energy. In other words, ‘unit of energy’. When we eat food, the amount of energy contained in them will be used by our body to conduct various body functions. This energy is called ‘food energy’ and can be measured in calories.

Our body needs energy to function properly. The source of energy for us is the food we eat. What happens when we consume lot of high energy food and the amount of calorie intake is more than our body can burn, the extra energy is converted to fat and stored in the body for later use. What will happen if we keep consuming more and more calories than our body could burn? They will be stored mostly as fat and our body weight and size will increase over time.

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A List of Lowest Calorie Fruits

Low Calorie FruitsFruits usually contain few calories in comparison to most other types food we eat. Below is a list of lowest calorie fruits we have prepared, to help those who want to lose weight and looking to cut down the amount of calories in their diet. The portion size considered is ‘one cup’ of the given fruit.

1. Apricots : One of the lowest calorie fruits with little over 30 calories. Apricots contain ‘beta-cryptoxanthinm’ which can help reduce risk of colon cancer.

2. Cranberries : Contains only 44 calories per cup. Rich in fiber and has low amounts of sugar.

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How Many Calories Should I Consume Daily?

How Many Calories Should I Consume DailyAre you trying to gain size, gain muscle or reduce body weight? Depending on your primary goal, the amount of calories you consume daily should change.

How many calories should I consume daily?
Two of the main reasons for many people to become overweight are, eating too many calories and lack of daily exercise or activity.

The primary goal of this website is to help you lose weight. Therefor, in this article, we will discuss about ‘how many calories you should consume daily, if you are trying to lose body fat’.

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Calories in a Slice of Bacon

Calories in a Slice of BaconHow about some nicely fried bacon with scrambled eggs and bread for breakfast? Yummy.. but lets take a look at some nutrition facts about bacon first.

Calories in a Slice of Bacon

  • 1 slice of raw bacon has about 135-140 calories
  • A slice of cured and pan-fried bacon contains 42 calories
  • A slice of baked bacon contains 44 calories

As you can notice bacon is not very high in calories. About 60%-70% calories in bacon comes from the fat. Only a small amount of calories come form carbohydrates and a smaller amount from protein in bacon. For people suffering from cholesterol problems, it’s better not to have bacon as a part of their diet.

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How Many Calories in a Cup of Tea

Calories in a cup of teaMost of us like tea and always enjoy a cup of good tea. Let’s find answers to the following question asked by one of our website visitors..

How many calories in a cup of tea?
This is a tricky question to answer. I had to ask several people I know and read some online documents to verify certain facts. Final answer is below.

If you consider only tea, that is without sugar or milk, a cup of tea will have will have zero (0) calories. Adding milk, sugar, cream or any other sweetener will add calories to your cup of tea. The amount of calories added will depend on the type of milk/sugar added and the quantity.

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Calories in Salmon Steak

Salmon Steak can be prepared in several ways. The amount of calories in salmon steak can change depending on how you prepare them.

One of the most common methods used in cooking salmon steak is described below, and 100g of steak prepared this way will have about 200 calories in it.

Method used :
Leave the salmon on a medium-hot grill with the skin on, cover and cook for about 5 minutes. You could use some olive oil to brush the skin-side of the salmon before you place them on the grill. Open the cover and if you see any of the pieces are getting grilled faster than others, slowly move them to a cooler part of the grill. Continue cooking for 6-7 more minutes.

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How Many Calories in a Bagel With Cream Cheese

Question : How Many Calories in a Bagel With Cream Cheese

Answer : Between 255 and 260 calories are present in an average size (hand-sized) Bagel With Cream Cheese.

More Information on Bagels
As we all know a bagel is a ring-shaped bread product. The Russian version of the bagel is called ‘bubliks’ and it is much larger in size compared to what we get in USA and Europe. The name ‘bagel’ has originated from the word “beugal” which means bow or bale. Bagels were introduced to the United States by immigrant Jews according to Wikipedia.

Whey & Casein Protein Shake Recipes

protein shake recipesProtein shake recipes are fast becoming popular for their simplicity and benefits in exercise. Protein is one of the most important nutrients your body needs to improve its muscles, bones and skin. Keep in mind though, that protein shakes should not replace your diet, but only supplement it! Also remember that the recommended amount of daily protein intake for an average adult is only 0.75g per kilogram of body weight which averages to about 45 to 56g of protein a day!

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Do Weight Loss Cookies Really Work?

Diet CookiesThere is a huge buzz about weight loss cookies on the net these days. Several websites have started promoting and selling various brands.

Hollywood Cookie Diet” is one of the top diet-cookie brands you can buy online. The company has stated that people loved the taste of their cookies and most of them could not believe they were diet cookies. I don’t think you can get a better deal if you can eat delicious cookies and lose wight instead of taking pills or supplements and heavy workouts.

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Daily Exercise for a Heart-Healthy You

Having a great exercise routine does a lot to lower your cholesterol level. Striving to do it daily will yield the best results for you. But because of life’s countless demands, many people find difficulty in doing so. But even with many responsibilities to fulfill, you can still engage in regular exercise.

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Calories In Olives

Calories In OlivesOlives are grown as a fruit mostly in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean parts. I’ve tasted marinated green and black olives and they can be a good side dish if you like the taste. Olives are also used in the production of olive oil, which is used mainly as a cooking oil.

Olives are known as a rich source of monounsaturated fat. In addition, olives contain dietary fiber, iron and Vitamin E.

How Many Calories In Olives
Every 100g of olives contain 115 calories.

We will be publishing an article on ‘Calories and health benefits of olive oil‘ with our next website update.

How Many Carbs In Potato

How Many Carbs In PotatoQuestion : How Many Carbs In Potato?

Answer :

One cup of boiled potatoes with the skin contains about 27g of carbohydrates.

Without skin, 1 cup of potatoes contains about 31g of carbs. This shows that skin contains less carbs compared to the flesh.

See the list below for more details..
100g of baked potatoes with skin contains 21g of carbohydrates.
100g of raw potatoes (flesh + skin) contains 17.5g of carbs
Raw and unprepared Sweet-potatoes (100g) contains 18g of carbs.

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Calories In Vodka

Calories In VodkaVodka has no carbohydrates, fat or protein. The energy in vodka comes purely from the alcohol content in it as vodka is made of ethanol and water (flavorings and impurities can be present). Its a known fact that 1g of alcohol contains more calories than a gram of carbs or protein.

The table below will give you data on calories in vodka. When mixed with orange juice, coke or any other drink, these values will change.

Calories in Vodka

In a single jigger (about 1.5 fluid oz.)

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  • 100 proof – 124
  • 94 proof – 116

Calories In Popcorn

Calories in PopcornPopcorn is a popular snack which is usually available in few different flavors. The air-popped version with no additives has low calories, low fat and is high in fiber, making it a good healthy snack which could fit into your weight-loss diet. In addition to the low calorie and sugar values, air-popped popcorn does not contain any sodium or sugar.

Calories In Popcorn
100 g of air-popped popcorn with no additives contains about 380 Calories. In addition, contains 75g of Carbohydrates, 15g of Dietary fiber. 4g of Fat and 12g of Protein. Popcorn also contains Iron, Vitamins B1 and B2.

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How Many Calories In Beetroot?

Calories In BeetrootThis is from an email I received a couple of days ago. It was from a lady named ‘Patricia’, and I have copied and pasted her question from her email below.

Question :
Hi Mark,
Could you please tell me how many calories are there in beetroot? I really like your ‘how many calories’ type posts and I visit your web page at least 2-3 times every week looking for updates. :)

Answer : First of all I would like to thank Patricia for sending us an email. We are always prepared to answer your questions and even post certain unique content our visitors send us.

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Calories In Shrimp

Calories in ShrimpMost of my favorite seafood recipes contains shrimp. Consumption of shrimp is considered healthy, regardless of the high cholesterol values they contain, due to the ability of improving LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio in human body, helping the circulatory system. Shrimps are rich in protein, calcium, iodine and also high in vitamin B12.

Calories in shrimp
3 oz. of steamed shrimp contains about 80 calories. The amount of calories in same quantity of fried shrimp will be more than double the amount of calories steamed shrimps contain. This is mainly due the the fatty oils used in the frying process.

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Ten Ways To Burn Calories For A Women

Burn Extra Calories10 simple ways to burn extra calories each day

1. Spend about half an hour playing an outdoor game with your kids in the evening. Kids will be happy and you will burn close to 100 calories in 30 minutes.

2. Resist the temptation to order food in a cafe or a pizza on the phone and spend half an hour to cook a delicious low-calorie meal. An additional advantage – the number of calories consumed is also reduced!

3. Start your day by going for a early morning walk. Maybe take your dog for a walk.

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Almonds Calories

Calories In AlmondsCalories in Almonds :
100 grams or 3.5 oz of Almonds contains 578 calories

Other Nutritional values per 100 grams of almonds :
Contains 20g of carbohydrates, 22g of protein, 51g of fat, 5g of sugars, 12g of dietary fiber and various vitamins and minerals including vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc and Iron.

Did you know?

  • Almonds are mixed with milk and served hot as a dessert in China.
  • Almonds are considered as a nutritive for nervous system and brain in Ayurveda.
  • Almonds, for some people may cause allergy

How Many Calories In Sugar?

Calories In SugarQuestion : How many calories in sugar?

Answer :
A short answer to this question would be,
1) 100 grams of granulated white sugar contains about 395 calories.
2) Same quantity of brow sugar contains less calories and the amount is about 370.

Two weeks ago we published a detailed report on ‘Nutritional Values Of Sugar‘. Please read it for more information.