Chicken Breast Nutrition Facts

Chicken breast nutrition factsOne of the most widely used poultry meat, chicken is also the main food item sold in most fast food restaurants. Nearly 95% of the chicken can be used as edible components and, the ‘chicken breast‘ is a commonly eaten part used in many popular Chinese and Caribbean dishes.

Chicken breast nutrition facts

Skin of the chicken has high fat, but the meat itself is low in fat compared to most other poultry meat. It is best to avoid the chicken skin if you are looking for a low fat intake.

A raw chicken breast of a medium sized chicken (170g approx.) skin and bones removed, contains the following.
– 280 Calories
– 6g of Fat
– 150 mg of Cholesterol
– 30g of Protein
– 130 mg of Sodium
– Zero Carbohydrates/fiber/Sugar

Below are some additional nutrition facts for various chicken breast dishes. Values can vary depending on the method of cooking and oils/sauce used.

Grilled Skinless Chicken Breast (serving size – 4 oz)
135 Calories
26g of Protein
4g of Fat
No Carbohydrates

Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast (serving size – 6 oz)
195 Calories
2.5g of Fat
25g of Protein
1g of Carbs

KFC Grilled Chicken Breast (serving size: 4.3 oz)
210 Calories
8g of Fat
No Carbs
34g of Protein

(*above values can be slightly higher or lower)

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